[Immigration] Start-Up Visa: What Are the Advantages?

      1 May, 2023

      Start-Up Visa: What Are the Advantages?

      | Introduction

      Business is an adventure. Adventure might sound delightful, but some risks
      always follow during and after the process. For some people, handling unexpected
      circumstances that can emerge from those risks might be stressful. In other words,
      who would prefer risk over stability?

      The advantages of the Start-Up Visa program are that it can help you reduce
      the risks to your business and immigration to Canada if you choose the right
      representative and the right designated organization matched with your business.
      In this article, we will discuss the 3 Biggest Merits of the Start-Up Visa Program.

      | Positive Aspects of Start-Up Visa

      1. Allows up to 5 Applicants at a Time

      Every individual has a unique ability that is stronger than others. Someone might
      excel at marketing, and someone might be good at building strategies or financing.
      It will be best if a person can manage all the essential factors required to run a
      business alone, but that is not the case most of the time because it is hard for us to
      be perfect at everything. Therefore, starting a business as a team can accelerate the
      work process and increase the possibility of the business’ success by efficiently
      splitting tasks among team members.

      Canada’s Start-Up Visa program allows up to 5 applicants
      to be gathered as a team for the business. For instance, if
      you have an innovative business idea and want to be the
      CEO of the company, you should look for other applicants
      who possess outstanding marketing, financing, and
      management skills. If you are struggling to find qualifying
      candidates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      2. Start/Run the Business While Waiting for the Process

      After the initial preparation steps of the business with the designated organizations,
      the applicant can apply for a work permit to stay and work in Canada during the
      processing period of the permanent residence. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship-
      Canada (“IRCC”) grants the applicant valuable opportunity to prepare for the business
      before running the business, thereby providing applicants the time to do market research,
      form a business network, and analyze the economic system of Canada.

      If the applicant has a family, they can also bring their family to Canada. Spouse or
      common-law partner of the applicant may apply for an open work permit, which
      does not require any labour market impact assessment (LMIA) process. Dependent
      children of the applicant can apply for a visitor/record or study/work permit to be

      3. Permanent Residence with No Conditions

      Typically, the process of obtaining permanent residency through other immigration
      programs, including federal immigration programs or Provincial Nominee Programs
      are complicated. In most cases, the applicants must be enrolled in specific occupations
      and reach a certain amount of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to receive
      Invitation to Apply (ITA) through the Express Entry system for the permanent residence
      application. Moreover, CRS does not have an absolute standard, thus it generates
      endless competition between the candidates.

      In the case of the Start-Up Visa program, the only requirements the applicants need to
      meet are relatively lower language requirements, financial means to support the family
      while staying in Canada, and the Letter of Support from the designated organizations.

      Most importantly, success in business does not affect the applicant’s permanent
      residency. Canada understands that business cannot always be successful. Instead,
      the IRCC emphasizes that the applicant’s focus must be on business, not immigration.

      | How to Maximize the Advantages

      • True Light Law Corporation has been offering professional legal services regarding
        immigration and business matters for over 10 years. We provide our clients the best
        guidance for not only the immigration application process, but also legal business
        services through our professional knowledge and profound experiences.
      • True Light Law Corporation has been collaborating with many high-quality designated
        organizations, and leading the clients’ success with the Start-Up Visa program by
        connecting the right designated organizations according to the clients’ business areas
        and actively helping with related tasks.
      • True Light Law Corporation also offers a candidate matching system, as we
        understand gathering the appropriate team members for a successful business
        is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Through the structured and severe
        candidate-selection procedure, we are arranging the most suitable team for our
        clients’ business success.

      If you have an innovative business idea, or if you are running your business in your home
      country and want to transfer it to Canada, please contact our professional legal team at
      604-437-9909 or at

      We will discuss more in detail about the start-up visa program in the next article.

      Please contact us for more detailed information about the Start-Up Visa program.

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