Title[Immigration Law] Success Story - Judicial Review of the Federal Court2021-09-17 15:47
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AttachmentJudical Review Judgment 2021 FC 786.pdf (292.8KB)

We were retained by a client who received a letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada ordering him to leave Canada immediately after having an Admissibility Hearing. 

The main issue of the Admissibility Hearing was misrepresentation as Canada Boarder Services Agency alleged that the client did not notify of his criminal records in the Republic of Korea when he came to Canada. 

Our lawyer, Joshua Min Su Yang, challenged the removal order to the Federal Court on the basis that the misrepresentation was honest and innocent after conducing legal research, and filing the carefully crafted written argument.

During the the hearing at Federal Court, our lawyer defended the client successfully, and eventually we received the judgement in favour of our client. 


#misrepresentation# criminal record# criminal rehabilitation# admissibility hearing# removal order# judicial review# federal court# Korea

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